Dance Education Elevated

There are so many choices of activities to choose from for our kids. Not every place is fully equipped but when we are not educated in that particular industry; hype, great logos and passion may “look” like great options but really they are great marketers. Especially in my industry, anyone can be a dance teacher…. […]


Unbreakable…. There are 3 things I am passionate about when I am teaching; it doesn’t matter if it’s kids or adults.  It’s to have UNBREAKABLE FAITH.  You may ask…….unbreakable faith in what exactly? Well I am glad you asked;)……           Unbreakable faith in the process.  You see the magic is in the mundane.  It is hard […]

Already & Not Yet

Last week during my worship prayer time I sat back as I heard the piano playing and said, “ There is much I want to do but so much I need to learn. Tell me what I need, not what I want.”   You ever get that clarity in a moment of time and all the […]

Doing Versus Being

If you have kids then you know what I am about to talk about.  That feeling of you try and try, you give and give, you buy and buy, you run and run, you do all the things and still you get to the end of the day and feel like you are NOT enough.  […]

Welcome to Season 19!

You’ve made the right choice, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome you to season 19 of Level Up Performing Arts Center! As we approach nearly two decades of impact, LPAC has built a reputation not only as a place for excellence in dance, but a place where life lessons are taught first and dance second. Our students go […]

Will You Be A Part Of This Next Journey?

Imagine your child comes to you as a teenager and says, “I tried the college route and it’s not for me. I really want to pursue this thing that most people may laugh at. Many people struggle their whole lives in the industry I am going to choose…But I promise you I am going to […]

The “Magic” of What We Do

Last week was “Picture week” at the studio and it was a celebration! I know so many of you are probably thinking, “It was picture week….. AND???” Well, for our students our team, and quite honestly me it was a reminder of just how blessed we are. It was a reminder that life still has […]