Welcome Home CNJBT

We have some significant news to share that will bring about positive changes within our thriving community!  

In the coming weeks, you will start to see many new faces, not only among our dance families but also among our mentor staff. We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of the dancers and staff from Central New Jersey Ballet and Theater (CNJBT). Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, CNJBT is no longer able to serve their dance families and will be closing effective immediately as of March 1st.

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the challenges these dancers and teachers have faced, but we are confident in the strength and resilience of our LPAC community. We know how kind, open-hearted, and full of grace each parent, dancer, and team member is here. We believe that we can provide a place of consistency, stability, and love for these dancers during this time of transition as they look to us to welcome them with open arms into our LPAC family.

We understand that LPAC is like a second home to our dancers, much like CNJBT was for these young children. The loss and uncertainty they may experience present an opportunity for us to do what we do best – lead with confidence, kindness, and generosity. Let us step in to transition and build trust so that these dancers can embrace LPAC as their third place and second home.

The success of this inclusion for dancers, parents, and staff members will be incumbent on everyone. This is a chance for all of us to exercise grace in the unknown, our dancers to lead with open arms, parents to provide emotional support for those joining our community, and our team to LEVEL UP all that we do excited to add new talent and heart to our team! 

Please know that NOTHING changes for your dancers, their experience, or your family. LPAC remains committed to EVERY CHILD and EVERY DANCER, and we are excited about continuing to LEVEL UP EVERYTHING for both your dancers and our newest family members.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to making LPAC a welcoming and thriving community.


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