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There are so many choices of activities to choose from for our kids. Not every place is fully equipped but when we are not educated in that particular industry; hype, great logos and passion may “look” like great options but really they are great marketers. Especially in my industry, anyone can be a dance teacher…. anyone can open a studio. Did you know you actually need more certifications to be a dog groomer than to work with children one on one in the arts and many other children activities?

That’s why as I approach this second leg of my career, I am more and more passionate about equipping and educating not only our own team but other teachers and studios owners around the country on best practices that they should have in their own studios. It’s great that we do all the things here on our home turf but my mission is to impact the lives of as many kids as possible.  I firmly believe I was put on this earth to have kids and serve kids. 

Before YPAD (Youth Protection Association in Dance) was a thing, My husband Adam and I have always had firm beliefs that the people in the classroom and working with our families should be background checked, CPR Certified, First Aid Certified, and Emergency Action educated.  Even back in the days at our first location in our beginning years, safety was always #1.  We have always thought as parents first even before we were parents!  Now we are proud to say we are  the ONLY YPAD Certified studio in our community and any of the surrounding communities ensuring that our staff has all of those certifications and MORE.  If you are interested in reading all that YPAD encompasses and all that we are proud to serve and train our team with feel free to visit YPADnow.com!

Ensuring the progression of every student in clear, defined milestones that match them developmentally, emotionally, physically and technically have inspired us over the last decade to create full comprehensive curriculums that every teacher, class and genre follows in our organization.  It didn’t matter to us whether it was our Recreational Track or Elevated track- Professionalizing our classroom experiences is so important to us we have certified our teachers in Industry leading Programs such as the Ballet Method, Tumble Effect, Acrobatic Arts, Taking Shape Leadership and more!  We have taken such pride in our own curation and expertise in our own programs that our Preschool Program, Beyond Ballet, Uplevel and our newest CORE Lab is copyrighted and implemented in all our classrooms and appropriate programs.  

 We are so proud of our team and their constant commitment to growth.  Many of the certifications require ongoing training, continuing education, and recertifications to uphold the integrity of the experiences and certifications.  This means their commitment beyond the classroom just shines a light on their dedication to their craft.  They have so much experience, background, and expertise that backs their passion.  The way they choose to get uncomfortable to be better for the families we serve, constantly striving to reflect and pursue a deeper knowledge of their craft is exactly why we honor them in all the ways.  

It has been a complete privilege to go out into the industry teaching in the largest conventions, conferences and competitions to LEVEL UP the experience, safety and education of the attendees of those events. It has also opened my eyes to how the level of which we train, equip, certify and invest back into the growth of our team is in the top % of the best in this industry.  This past year alone I have taught at many industry conferences such as More Than Just Great Dancing, Dance Teacher Web, and conventions REVEL, Dance Revolution and more. While you would think that number would amount into the high thousands, the number of teachers and studio owners that CHOOSE to do more, be more,learn more and grow more is few and far in-between. What I will say though is those who choose to be MORE for the benefit of their students and those they serve- they run like stallions and we are proud to run with them.  Growth is an option and I firmly believe no one models that better than our passionate and committed team. 

 The true heroes though are….YOU the parents.  As you continue to live life and enjoy all the activities that are out there for our children you know that hype, great logos, and people with passion don’t always equal educated, safe, and professional.  You don’t get fooled between the business that is a passion project versus the Professional Educated Provider.  I mean barely passing can still be a doctor but do we really want them for OUR doctor?

Perfection is never possible but PROGRESS should always be the goal.  

 I am excited for the direction of the Dance Industry. I am excited to be a part of paving the way for the next generation to receive more certified, educated and professional not only dance but classroom experiences.  If we do that right as an industry then maybe our mission of Building Champions on the stage of life will go far beyond our own walls!


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