There are 3 things I am passionate about when I am teaching; it doesn’t matter if it’s kids or adults.  It’s to have UNBREAKABLE FAITH.  You may ask…….unbreakable faith in what exactly?

Well I am glad you asked;)……

          Unbreakable faith in the process.  You see the magic is in the mundane.  It is hard and sometimes unfun.  The magic is in the uncomfortable and outside your comfort zone.  The magic is in the coach that pushes you and holds you accountable.  The magic is in the new ways, the harder ways, and the repetitive ways. The magic is in the consistency and THAT’S not always so magical in the moment.  The road to Recital (my industry is dance) is the perfect example.  Dancers will learn the same Demi Plie taught through different lenses, different voices, different expectations, different teaching styles and different layers developmentally their entire career.  (You can google a Demi Plie;). Yet, if you take the most advanced ballet class they will begin with…yep you guessed it a Demi Plie. WHY? The process.  The process is where the magic happens and doing that in every class, for your entire career can seem mundane but not to the one who has had unbreakable faith and loving the moments of performance that come with it. The great boxer Ali said it best.  “He hated every minute of training” BUT he loved living life as a CHAMPION.

   Unbreakable faith in your failures as MUCH as in your successes.  Going after something that matters almost guarantees that at some point you will fail. If you crush things all the time, every time it actually means you aren’t learning, or challenging yourself. You want that moment of success to build your confidence, but you need those moments of failure to know you are also going after something that is pushing you.  To achieve things you never have before, you must become someone you have never been before and that means growth. It is almost certain that at some point you will fail but that leads me to my last unbreakable….

  Unbreakable faith in YOURSELF.  The courage and confidence to know that if you just give your all every day in every way, growth is bound to be the byproduct.  Will it be the growth we “expect” probably not but that brings you back to the first one.  Faith to trust in the process.

Last week was a hard one for this mama.  Work life balance isn’t real.  Balance actually isn’t real at all.  If you ever watch a tightrope walker they are constantly wavering from side to side to maintain balance. That is what we have to do as humans.  We can never be all things to all people because you will fail every time trying to be BUT you can be ALL IN for those people when they are right IN front of you and that is where your heart should be at that moment in time. 

I am UNBREAKABLE and so are you<3.

I know the process of parenthood and leadership is hard at the moment, but magical ALL THE TIME.  Even when I can’t see it because of the failures, I have unbreakable faith that even in those moments I am led to my greatest successes. For me that keeps me going as a mama.  That unbreakable faith in myself that tomorrow I will get to try again and I will do it even better than before and if I do it right maybe…just maybe my children will grow up to be UNBREAKABLE too.

Grace for Each day and JOY for your Journey,

Miss Jennifer


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