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we believe in healthy
balanced programming ™

We realize when our students are young, dance classes with us are fun! We also realize the longer your children are with us, what they benefit from is consistent structure, and a foundation on which the fun turns to function. We encourage our students to participate in all school activities and support them while always working to create a holistic schedule so they can keep dance in their lives as they grow. We will always strive to provide balanced programming which lifts them in the arts, and continue to cheer for them from the sidelines in all of their activities.

What is the benefit?

Year 1 is the LEARNING year where students are introduced to new steps or new approaches.

Year 2 is the LEADING year. It is students’ opportunity to be in a leadership position both technically as well as maturity in the classroom. Most students are in each level for 2 years with the exception of our Junior Program. The leading year is the season that continues to build firm foundations to grow upon, which is why it is so important in our programming structure!


This recreational track is perfect for the students who love to dance, but also want to participate in loads of other activities too. Academy provides an amazing dance experience with flexibility to work their schedule around what works for your family.


This Elevated Track is for the dancer who wants a higher level of training. They one day may want to pursue a career in the arts, take on college dance opportunities, or just seriously love all the opportunities and fun within these programs!

Believe In The Dream

Believe In The Dream is an innovative program that offers a range of opportunities to students, including the POW Program and NHSDA. The program is fully funded through scholarships and aims to foster personal and academic growth in students through lessons both inside and outside the classroom.

Recital Tickets on Sale

Ticket sales will begin on May 4, at 10:00 AM (ET).