Styled for Success: Elevating The Dance Experience at Level Up Performing Arts Center in Hamilton and Robbinsville

The journey of dance is not just about mastering movements, but also about instilling a sense of unity, responsibility, and professionalism. A crucial aspect of our commitment to excellence is our dance dress code, a policy that sets the stage for success. When we chose to rebrand and start this venture after 20 years from the ground up to Level Up, an important addition to our value was the addition of dress code. 

When all dancers are dressed in a uniform manner, it promotes a feeling of belonging and shared identity enhancing the overall atmosphere in the studio, fostering camaraderie among dancers. Those are just a few of the benefits though!

When students come to class dressed appropriately, it sets a tone of seriousness and commitment, not to mention it instills a sense of professionalism and above all else safety. This professional mindset not only enhances the learning environment, but also helps dancers focus on their technique, and foundation minimizing injury and creating unforgettable artistic expression.

I know you may encounter resistance from the dancers regarding the dress code, such as “not wanting to wear it” or “not having the time.” While as a Mama I completely understand how hard it can be sometimes to pick and choose battles, this is one I’ll stand by every time with my daughters….yes, they too give me the same hard time:). Oftentimes I tell them, “If you don’t like it go talk to the boss!”. All kidding aside though, I am keenly aware that while it may be “just dress code”, I am setting an early foundation for understanding that guidelines and boundaries are essential for success, both in dance and in life.

Living in the professional Dance world and Corporate world, there are often dress codes and expectations. I never want my exhaustion to reinforce the idea that responsibilities can be avoided.  Feelings are empowering but we still have a responsibility to our actions that are born from those feelings.  I know it instills a sense of responsibility to my girls and even if it is a small part of their overall responsibility as a dancer, it is meaningful.

Recognizing the challenges parents face in managing their child’s activities, not to mention emotions and decision fatigue, we have made it a priority to eliminate unnecessary stress.  We believe in so much what we do and WHY we do it that Mr. Adam and I have taken an unprecedented step at Level Up, one that we are proud of. We are confident that NO OTHER children’s activity INCLUDES a uniform for every dancer gifted from the owners. It is our dedication to ensuring that no dancer is without the proper attire. It was also important to us that financial constraints were not a hindrance to anyone, fostering an inclusive and supportive atmosphere where unity is not just encouraged but actively facilitated. It is our very hope that EVERY dancer is equipped for success, and we are committed to making sure that the value we provide goes beyond industry standards.

It is our commitment to not only demonstrate our commitment to excellence, but our dedication to making parents lives easier in every way we can.

With all that said, another important lesson in life is giving others grace and THAT sometimes is the best uniform that one can encourage others to wear and off the dance floor:).


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