Lessons Beyond The Classroom

Over 7 years ago at our dance studio in Hamilton , NJ  we saw a need to find a way to recognize all of our dancers’ efforts and time invested in the classroom and on the stage.  While applause recognizes performance- Appreciation recognizes effort.   When we joined the National Honor Society for Dance Arts and were the FIRST organization not only in our Hamilton, Robbinsville, Bordentown, East Windsor areas but in all surrounding counties too.  

In the past few years we are proud that other studios have joined in the mission of recognizing efforts and making sure that the value of dance follows our students far beyond the stage.  Day by day our mission strengthens to Build Champions on the Stage of Life and hosting our 3rd NHSDA Induction was another step in the direction of creating champs.

While grades and GPA play an integral role in any Honor Society along with community service and of course DANCE (it IS the National Society for DANCE Arts) the proof of Champion building was in the application process. 

The validation of our real work in the classroom of life beyond the steps came in the words that each inductee wrote with such candor and honesty. In their voices…..

“Doing it right the First time doesn’t mean perfection.  It means giving all you have until all you have for all you have.”

“What we want is not always what is best. Trust your leaders.”

You may not always be prepared for what will happen-but it’s up to you to choose how to react to uncertainty.”

“It’s just a bad moment, NOT a bad day.”

“I’ve always been pushed to be the best version of myself.”

“Go above and beyond in everything you do-never just do the bare minimum because everyone around me is doing just that.  Everyone has the same 24 hours.”

“I learned the value of perseverance, Discipline, Passion, compassion, integrity, grit, leadership, that it’s OK to be a kid-have fun and above all else family first.”

Oftentimes many will look at a dance studio and wonder what kind of dancers they turn out….. Next time you look into the window of Level Up Performing Arts Center we invite you to yes, enjoy the dance but listen carefully to the lessons in life that will have you winning far beyond the stage. 


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