Embracing The Unique Journey Of Success

In the pursuit of success, it’s crucial to recognize that the path to triumph is as diverse as the individuals striving for it. Success is not a one-size-fits-all concept; rather, it come in various forms and timelines. I know many think my office is a basket of clouds (well let’s be honest it is) But it’s really the place where I fight hard daily. The misconception that success happens overnight is a narrative that often overshadows the years of hard work and dedication that precede it. 

You may notice me not in the facility as often and THAT is a sign to growth-healthy growth.  Our team is trained beyond trained, qualified to bring JOY, the best at loving on our dancers and parents and the reality is the more I am IN the classroom the less I can work ON the business. When I work ON the business the magic extends far beyond those few students in my dance classes:). It truly brings the best experience to all those we have the privilege of serving and it is the necessary magic for us to GROW! 

If I can be candid, as I always am——As I have stepped back to dive into my role as leader in the dance studio but most importantly MOM, there have been times where I have been disheartened by external opinions. Here is what I will remind you though—as long as you know your WHY others thoughts shouldn’t play a role in how you live your journey. For me, I am 100% certain I can always teach another dance class BUT I only get one shot to raise my kids. If my home front is not strong, nothing can be strong.  For me, it’s always been family first. Besides, if I teach every class and do every role then I am taking the opportunity away from others to live out their dreams of impacting lives through dance;). I have been on the side of blessing upon blessing watching lives be transformed through dance and that is a gift I’d share to all who wished to experience it. 

      Last year was just the beginning of some beautiful changes due to growth and more is on the horizon.  All that dreaming in my cloud office is backed by hard work, sacrifice, lots of learning and most of all prayer. I am not delusional and know it’s all Him all of the time. True success isn’t just about personal achievements but also about lifting others along the way. A genuine champion understands the importance of paying it forward, creating a ripple effect of growth and empowerment and that is what we do—we build CHAMPIONS. 

         I’ve been sitting on this phrase in all our team trainings and my teaching in the industry for a few months now.  It was put on my heart and I walk my talk. “Waiting for the perfect moment to pursue your dreams a myth. The truth is, there is never a ‘right time.’ Procrastination can turn ‘someday’ into ‘no day,’ leaving our heartfelt dreams never brought to life.”

         The journey to success is a personal one, and we were taught at a young age, champions define their own versions of triumph. Here we teach your children that real champions move forward, putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes scared, sometimes unsure, sometimes not confident but nonetheless you keep moving forward.

The next few years for all the people I love and respect I know will be blessed with growth, change and the affirmation that they have come to know their own version of success.  For me I say keep moving forward NO MATTER WHAT—for that is the hallmark of a real champion.

Miss Jennifer
LPAC Hamilton, NJ


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