About Us

Level Up Performing Arts Center takes ordinary kids and builds them into champions on the stage of life.

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From your child’s first steps to their graduation performance.

Level Up Performing Arts Center has built a reputation for excellence in dance instruction. LPAC has a class for everyone. We specialize in beginners of all ages and offer training through more advanced instruction. Our classes are taught by caring, skilled teachers in a positive environment. We delight in your child’s progress and performance! Our costumes and choreography are always age-appropriate and your child’s safety and wellness has always been our highest priority.

Our goal is to instill skills in our students such as determination, motivation, self-confidence, discipline, time management, and respect for themselves and their peers among many other lessons. To learn to be gracious in winning and generous in defeat. Pushing themselves to the limit, seeing progress, and expecting more of them than they would ever expect from themselves is what they have come to know.

Level Up Performing Arts Center has built a reputation in our community not only as a place for excellence in dance and music education; but a place where life lessons are taught first and dance and music second.



Our students go beyond technique and poise to develop important life skills — learning to be respectful, confident, motivated, and positive young people.

I opened Level Up Performing Arts Center, formerly known as Dance It up in July 2005, with the belief that we could make a place where children not only learned to dance but learned life lessons.

For almost 20 years, we’ve helped our students create a healthy path of progression regardless of their level of commitment.  We create memorable experiences and teach life lessons using the platform of dance.

Our Mentors

We are so honored to have members of our team who are passionate and dedicated to serving your children. All of our team members are certified in First Aid/CPR, YPAD (Youth Protection Advocates In Dance®), The BalletMethod™ as well as the Tumbling Effect®. We are proud to be an organization that cares about way More than just Great Dancing®. Along with all of the in-depth trainings throughout the season, our staff all come with various backgrounds excited and passionate about serving your child’s heart.


Miss Brianna​

She LOVES getting to work alongside amazing teammates, work with amazing students and serve some pretty awesome families! ​

Miss Caitlin​

She LOVES the team, it’s such a great group of dance educators who are focused on their own growth and the growth of the kids we work with!​

Miss Glennis

She LOVES making memories and walking through life with such amazing people!

Miss Grace​

She LOVES that Level Up has been a second home for her in the most important parts of her life!

Miss Karina​

She LOVES that Level Up is literally a family and that she can always be herself and always feel appreciated!​​

Miss Lisa R​

She LOVES the genuine love that everyone in this LPAC family has for each other!

Miss Lisa S

She LOVES Level Up because it is her second family!

Miss Sam

She LOVES the way this family truly drives and motivates each other constantly to be a better YOU, every day! ​

Mr. Victor

He LOVES learning something new everyday and getting to work with the students!