“Leveling Up” our Community

Level Up Performing Arts has built a reputation in our community not only as a place for excellence in dance and music education; but a place where life lessons are taught first and dance and music second. Our students go beyond technique and poise to develop important life skills–learning to be respectful, confident, motivated, and positive young people.


Every year the Level Up Performing Arts families nominate a different charity to help raise awareness for, funds and hope to make a difference. We believe it is important to teach our students how lucky they are and strive to give them opportunities to give back to others. We host many different events for not only our Charity of Choice but for all different charities throughout the year and invite everyone to help make a difference!

Girls Scouts

Join us for a fun-filled event where dance badges are earned, fun is had and memories are made! We include certificates, classes, mentors, group photos, and goodie bags!

Cash for Classrooms

Beyond teaching dance and music at our studio, it is our passion to reach out into the community to build a positive culture for younger generations. We are honored to be able to offer you the opportunity for your students to participate in our “Cash for classrooms” ! This program can either travel to your school as an assembly or be offered in our state of the art facility during your school hours as a field trip twice a year! This program is catered to your schools individual needs and costs absolutely nothing to you or your student, just the opportunity to bring an amazing dance class and experience to your school in the fall and spring! We look forward to making arrangements with you for your students and know that you will find that this program to be a very beneficial and an exciting addition to your school!