Already & Not Yet

Last week during my worship prayer time I sat back as I heard the piano playing and said, “ There is much I want to do but so much I need to learn. Tell me what I need, not what I want.”  

You ever get that clarity in a moment of time and all the sudden everything you needed the answers for are suddenly so clear?  It was one of those moments.  Now this is not a faith driven blog, it is a just “life is” blog.

       You see, for years, especially the last year I have been telling those I have the privilege of leading, my children and myself “You don’t need more or anything new.  Everything you need you already have.”  It’s like Glinda when she tells Dorothy “You’ve always had the power my dear…you just had to learn it for yourself.”

 That’s not the end of the lesson though….. The rest of the lesson goes like this.  You may ALREADY have it in you but you are NOT YET a finished product.  TO grow into who you CAN be requires you to be more than you thought you COULD be.  How do you become MORE?  Oh that’s where it gets hard…….I mean let’s be honest all of us want to be more, to provide more; even if for only our children.  That’s why the clarity hit me like a brick.  If I want my children to fulfill all they CAN be and fulfill what’s already in them, I have to first show them that learning to polish and embrace our NOT YET is:

  1. HARD: It’s hard work and a lot of work.  Most people shy away from hard, but Champions run to it.
  2. UNCOMFORTABLE: To become all we can we must grow all we are and THAT is not fun,popular, and certainly not easy.  
  3. UNCOMMON: The rest of the world really doesn’t know what it feels like to be held to a standard of excellence, so many times you will stand alone and be judged. Do it anyway.

So in that moment of asking for myself, I was reminded that my highest calling is to be all I can be with what I have been given. To show my children all they can be when life gets HARD, UNCOMFORTABLE, and when they pull away from the pack. Sometimes you have to make and do the UNCOMMON thing. But that’s what winners do.

   So in this season of parenting I ask you to reflect and say “What do I need to become to show my children all they can do?”  It’s not a common question, why? Well as adults we tend to stay on the hamster wheel, point our judgment outwards, and lack our own confidence and self worth.

So today I say, purposely go into the next season and say “Where can I find hard, uncomfortable and uncommon?”  because growth and success happens outside your comfort zone and that is a lesson I’ll show my children everyday of the week.  

Oh one last thing, if you don’t think you have it “IN” you to do all you want and dream to do remember we ALREADY have it in us…. We have just NOT YET ARRIVED yet. 

Enjoy the journey so when you ARRIVE you can pat yourself on the back and say “Well done.”

More importantly, enjoy the journey so when your children conquer the world, they turn around one day and say “That was easy. I’ve seen you win my whole life so I knew what it looked like.”

Listen I know we are all adults and thinking, I don’t need a motivational message….yes you do. You are human.

Already Blessed and Not Yet arrived,

Miss Jennifer


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