The “Magic” of What We Do

Last week was “Picture week” at the studio and it was a celebration! I know so many of you are probably thinking, “It was picture week….. AND???”

Well, for our students our team, and quite honestly me it was a reminder of just how blessed we are. It was a reminder that life still has excitement to it regardless of what is going on in THE world, it does not have to affect how much we love and appreciate OUR world. It was a week when the kids came in smiling ear to ear. 

For 18 years, my dad, affectionately known around the studio as “Papa Chin” has been doing our photos. He has seen all our dancers grow up and well, our newest additions to our dance family? He got to meet this year!   It was a week where he came in to not only take their photo but drop his little nuggets of praise and wisdom along the way as he has been doing for almost 2 decades.

Me? It’s my chance as I step out of the classroom to step back into making magic with your children. It’s when I get to know EVERY face, EVERY name, EVERY smile and spread some love.  For our dancers, it’s become a routine to have one on one time in that picture room with us feeling seen, heard, lifted up, celebrated, and made to feel amazing. 

We had a senior, who as soon as she stepped on the backdrop for the last time reminded her that when she was 3 she was so scared he gave her a penguin beanie baby that he hid behind the picture prop that she still has today.   What a JOY it has been to watch her grow into an amazing young woman. 

You see, magic happens in our organization. We walk and live life with each other. We are life sharers, confidence builders, dream casters, and leaders empowering the next generation of leaders.  We are mentors, and humans that love other humans just as they are. Pure and simple. Are we perfect at it all the time? HECK NO! Nevertheless, we do strive to do our best and be better every day.

Last week got us pumped for the rest of the season. It gave the kids FAITH that the world is returning and there is HOPE for a better day each day that WE choose to make it better.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do what we truly love…impacting your children and building them up. Cheers to making the rest of this week the best of your week!


 Miss Jennifer


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