The Magic Of Our Dance Community

A few weeks back I had 2 back to back events that showed up in my newsfeed. The first was of 3 of...

A few weeks back I had 2 back to back events that showed up in my newsfeed.  The first was of 3 of my former students who all have taught with me at some point and one who still does, at a table celebrating their friendship in Mexico!  Another was of two of our moms from the studio celebrating their birthdays with each other on a weekend getaway. My comment to both threads…. 

“Were these friendships born at DIP?”

 Both responses were enthusiastic YESSES!  One commented, “ Thanks to you we met!” another was “Who would have known a magical studio could have created such amazing friendships? Forever Thankful!”

It was at that moment that I stopped for a moment of gratitude for what we have built.  We are always talking about the impact we are making in our community of Hamilton, but it was at that moment that I stopped and realized the impact we make within our “community” of dance families.

We have built a community where parents have each other’s backs. If one can’t make it for participation week the other videotapes. If one can’t come in to pick something up they grab it for them.  If there is a special event, carpooling is just the way around here, and groups of parents over and over have found their people right here within our walls.  So many people think when they take their child to an activity it’s for their child to find their people.  When people come here they are blessed with the gift of them finding their people too. 

Is it all the time, in every class? No of course not, BUT is it a common thread within our studio community that makes it special beyond being a kid’s activity? YES. 

 As I saw those posts I realized we don’t advertise for accepting, grace-filled, drama-free, judgment-free people….we just attract them.  Honestly? Complainers and gossipers have no place here. It’s no wonder why we have so many wonderful kids. We have adults that model Excellence. Integrity and JOY so it’s only natural those are the same things our kids will show up with. What you and your children experience in the walls of our building are friendships, memories, and experiences that not all are fortunate to have.  It really has become my greatest JOY when I see life being lived together and I get to sit back and say, “Were these friendships born here?!”

Miss Jennifer


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