Will You Be A Part Of This Next Journey?

Imagine your child comes to you as a teenager and says, “I tried the college route and it’s not for me. I really want to pursue this thing that most people may laugh at. Many people struggle their whole lives in the industry I am going to choose…But I promise you I am going to not only make it, but I am also going to thrive and take others on the journey. I do my best to will change lives and pass on all you taught me and raised me with.”

Imagine as parents for a second you worry, I mean of course who wouldn’t? Then you remember that your child is a reflection of you; a fighter….and with that you say,” GO for it, I support you. Just make sure whatever you choose, you love it immensely. You impact lives with it, and when you make it, take others with you.”

I saw a vision that I couldn’t quite define but I felt it. Truth be told there are literally a handful of people who never once doubted my mission and of course, there were those who doubted every second. Those who judged said it was a club, it was just a fun activity, it was just “a dance school.” It’s not who roots against you that matters in life, it’s who always cheered for you that counts.

I come from a bloodline of champions and my mission has been to pass it on. The place we have built has empowered our students with the resilience and grit of a roaring lion and the genuine grace of a dove. We don’t get it perfect every time but man oh man isn’t that part of the lesson? Just because we can’t nail it every time doesn’t mean we should never do it in the first place.

We are embarking on a new journey with our incredible organization. We could of course wait for the finish of a season, or the start of a New Year but WHY? Why do we always feel we have to “wait for the right time?” The right time is when your mind says, “I know what to do”, your heart says “I know all I can do.” and your soul says “NOW is the time to do it.”

I assure you that Dance It Up will always be the firm foundation of all that we have built. We are a place where kids can be kids, we choose to play hard, and above all else, we Build champions…our champions just happen to win on the stage of life.


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